Woman Pregnant With Twins Raped and Murdered by Savage

Thanks to “Eric Holder” in the comments for bringing this story to our attention.

Eun Kang

Eun Kang was pregnant with twins. She was raped and murdered.

What type of beast does that to a woman? Boneetio Kentro Washington was arrested after a 911 call was placed by the landlord that witnessed this hideous act.

Boneetio Kentro Washington


4 Responses to “Woman Pregnant With Twins Raped and Murdered by Savage”

  1. Eric Holder Says:

    You’re very welcome. You know, it’s a constant struggle for me and my colleagues to get Americans to engage in an open dialogue on race. I felt this story was one of those that’s worth talking about.

  2. “Boneetio”–I’ll add this to my ever-growing list of ridiculous nigger names.

  3. MG, LOL!

  4. He is innocent because he is retarded. Hopefully the liberals will come to his defense and spend millions of dollars to help the savage win his freedom.

    Plus, he took out 3 humans, while trying to create one…..the elites should be amused.

    Boneetio a big banana for you.

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