Officers Kill Gunman

Exae Chavez-Gutierrez left the scene of an accident. Afterward he was approached by Missouri police officers to inquire as to why, he fled. He himself, began to approach the officers; he raised a gun and commenced shooting at the officers.


2 Responses to “Officers Kill Gunman”

  1. …….. beautiful, and perfect.

    I love those last 2 shots where he FINISHED him off.

  2. I like watching this video of criminals being blown away.

    I like that one cop that came to his comrades defense, using the car as cover, firing on the cunt, to draw the cunts attention away from his fallen comrade, and then flanking him and letting him have a couple of life ending shots to his cowardice, criminal, soul before it returns to dust.

    This is law and order at its finest for a peace officer, such brave and noble men this community has.

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