Hartford Officer Acquitted

The Associated Press writer, Stephanie Reitz, wrote an article regarding the incident of a white police officer’s acquittal in the shooting death of two young Negros. In the article, this is the beginning of her opening paragraph:

” A white retired police officer was acquitted Tuesday of manslaughter and assault for shooting two unarmed black men…”

Only later in the article does she mention that they were in control of a 3,000 pound weapon i.e. a speeding vehicle headed toward an FBI agent:

” Lawlor and a federal agent were working together for an anti-drug task force in the city’s predominantly black North End on May 7, 2005, when Lawlor opened fire on a car speeding toward the FBI agent.”

Her article seemed to be quite biased.


2 Responses to “Hartford Officer Acquitted”

  1. SingingtheBlues Says:

    How many crimes and killings of white folk do these niggers get away with ? and here they are wailing and weeping cause one of them got it………………

  2. Resort to violence you savages. I am sick of there contempt, and threatening remarks. Make my day punks .

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