Circling Vultures

Even though he was in an emergency room dying, 63-year-old Joaquin Rivera was being circled by two vultures just waiting to rob him.


5 Responses to “Circling Vultures”

  1. Great blog! I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  2. another example of niggers preying on the weak and vulnerable and proving again and again they have no conscience what so ever.

  3. I’ve always said all along that niggers like THESE are the ultimate predator…

    They take anything and everything…from anyone.
    And give absolutely NOTHING back.
    (except maybe target practice for citizens & police)

    Sound about right?

  4. Bob, keen observation and correct analysis, I avoided a home invasion when a big buck attempted a loot and grab by… immediatley reacting, staying calm, and just thinking i will cold cock him first then grab a knife near by and start plunging .

    The coward retreated and shuffled along looking for easier prey.

    Hopefully it turned a nigger loving libtard into one of us.

  5. oh oh, now I am being moderated…..I love the niggers….i do i do. I dodo.

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