Asians Being Targeted by Blacks

Negros of this Philadelphia school continue to demonstrate their furious, uncontrollable anger and racism.

This video can be found among the videos of “uncookedvanilla.”


3 Responses to “Asians Being Targeted by Blacks”

  1. SingingtheBlues Says:

    I love how that jew apologist is trying to call these thugs, kids. Those poor Asians now have to suffer psychological damage now thanks to being stomped by a bunch of worthless fucking nigger trash. I’m glad this type of thing is now out in the open. these feral beasts need to be stomped within an inch of their life to see how it feels to be totally helpless. These punkass thugs are ruthless and should be dealt with similarly. NO FUCKING MERCY, period.

  2. they need to be stomped out period.

  3. […] too long ago, Asian students in a Philadelphia school would not go to school out of fear of Negro violence directed towards them. Some whites have […]

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