Maurice Clemmons is Dead

The man that murdered the four Washington police officers is reported to be dead.


3 Responses to “Maurice Clemmons is Dead”

  1. Fantastic news, and blown away. No trial, no bullshit, no feeding it and protecting it. No appeals, no long drawn out death sentences, no jesse jackass or al sharcoon stirring up bull shit that the cops are the problem…… just a dead violent murderous savage.

    Shot dead on sight as is appropriate. NEXT! Step right this way niggers and see what awaits you fucking cowards and assholes.

    The officers who behaved in this noble and heroic way should be given a heros parade, medals and a promotion.

  2. justice served….. RIGHT IN BETWEEN THE EYES! heck yes just what i was hoping for now we don’t gotta house him and feed him in jail. rotting in hell is a better punishment

  3. I was so pissed off during the last election when all these sanctimonious, hypocritical, war-mongering evangelicals would support that snake-oil salesman Mike Huckabee for president. As governor of Arkansas, Mike commuted this savage’s 98 year sentence. Another bit of proof that Huckabee is a good-for-nothing liberal piece of shit and of many to populate the republican party. Don’t think for a second that there are differences between democrats and republicans when it comes to white-guilt.

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