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80-Year-Old Woman Can’t Make it to Physical Therapy; Rapist Had Other Plans for Her

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This is apparently another Negro that finds them elderly women irresistible. Nobody’s grandma is safe around this scoundrel.

Man’s Brother Stabbed to Death: Cultural Diversity Strikes Again

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A gang of Mexicans jumped Peter Ebinger and his brother, Mark at a bar. The two were outnumbered. The assailants also had weapons. Peter was stabbed but survived. Mark, was not so fortunate: he died of his wounds.

I do not see the sons and daughters of the bureaucrats in Washington, DC facing survival situations like this.

Youth Pack-Attack, by Guess Who

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Cultural diversity anyone?

Another Elderly Wal-Mart Greeter Takes a Pounding

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It seems it is becoming a trend for Negros to attack elderly Wal-Mart greeters; this is the third story we’ve blogged about at The Cave.

This sneaking piece piece of garbage was caught stealing, as he was leaving the Palm Bay, Florida Wal-Mart. As an attentive and not easily deceived, elderly employee of the store attempted to stop this young Negro, he became wild and attacked the greeter.

Wife and Mother-in-Law Stabbed to Death

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Albert James Turner

Keitha Turner, Betty Jo Frank

A former Texas, prison guard, is being sought in the murder of his wife and mother-in-law. Albert James Turner stabbed his wife, Keitha Turner and her mother, Betty Jo Frank, to death.

You will not find a report on these murders that include pictures of both, the killer and the victims. If that were to occur, people might begin to put the pieces together. They would conclude that, yet again, another Negro has butchered more whites. So, allow Nivius to put the two pieces of this rather simple puzzle together.

Advertising and Indoctrination

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Tell me we’re not being poisoned.

I’d like to thank 2012HolyRomanEmpire for bringing this to the attention of the people.

No Christmas for Salvation Army Major, Philip Wise

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The Salvation Army has done quite a bit for people that do not have much.

Philip Wise, 43-years-old, was a major in this organization. As he was entering the Salvation Army building with his 4, 6 and 8-year-old children, on the eve of Christmas, two Negros saw fit to execute this man.