It Happened Again: Four More of Our Protectors Have Been Executed by a Coward

* Sergeant Mark Renninger, 39. He was protecting people for thirteen years. His wife and three children have lost their husband and dad.
* Officer Ronald Owens, 37. He was in law enforcement for twelve years. He can no longer be there for his daughter.
* Officer Tina Griswold, 40. She was in law enforcement for fourteen years. She was forced to leave her husband and two children.
* Officer Greg Richards, 42. He spent eight years protecting us. His wife and three children find themselves alone.

Four more police officers were executed while in a coffee shop near Tacoma, Washington. The savagery continues.

Police are looking for a person of interest, Maurice Clemmons.

You may remember the officers that were recently murdered in Oakland, pictured below, were also murdered by a Negro. Click here for that post.

Us “racists” will continue to be proven right.


7 Responses to “It Happened Again: Four More of Our Protectors Have Been Executed by a Coward”

  1. SingingtheBlues Says:

    He said “this is what cops face every day”. He should be saying “this is what WHITE PEOPLE face every day”. Didnt these cops see enough black crime, violence and black behavior to be smart enough to never let your guard down when a shitskin is in your general vicinity ? I know there are plenty of good black folk out there, but there are just way too many more NIGGERS. Always assume the worst till you figure out if the N around you are docile or not. TNB can and will happen at any time or place. Better safe than sorry. NEVER turn your back, cause you never know who will chimp out !!

  2. NV:
    Again, we’re on the “same page”…I also posetd about this today.
    A tragedy of the first magnitude…
    And this scum was turned out more often than I can believe.
    Damn shame no one pursued some natural justice before this psychopath committed this heinous crime.
    And if THAT comment makes me a “racist”…tough sh*t!
    I like to see people PROTECTED from evil such as this…sue me.

    My thoughts go out to the families of the slain officers as well as LEOs everywhere.

    Keep your heads on a swivel, gang.
    Shoot first, and shoot often.
    Screw the P.C.B.S.

    • This such a vile act, Bob. There have been thousands of white officers murdered by cultural diversity and sensitivity.

      It is going to pain some to realize it, but race is real. All races know that, except for some of our own.

  3. The poster who says some black people are good. Really? They are not appalled at the living standards and raising the alarm of the violence the other niggers commit. They should be policing thier own people and teaching them. I thwarted a home invasion at my place recently when a big dumb nigger came to my door. He knew he was in for a immediate resistance and violence from me, because I was not afraid, aggressive. Even though he was bigger, I didnt give a fuck, one step in my door I would of cold cocked him ran for my knifes and fucked that sambo up. They are cowards who prey on the vulnerable. They count on your hospitality and trust when they are going to harm you. It is your legal and moral right to protect yourself with lethal force when these apes try to defraud you. The only black man I could agree with is Pastor Manning and even he was a criminal that wised up. In my book it is personal segregation for self preservation.

  4. Mike:
    WHile I do agree with you, especially about “policing their own people”, there ARE some truly good blacks out there…like Larry Elder, Cosby, Alan Keyes…
    And they speak to the problems and issues in their OWN communities.
    But THEIR OWN RACE has ostracized them for pointing out THE TRUTH…
    They call ’em OREOS and the “white man’s nigger”…that’s not right when they’re trying to do GOOD for BLACKS and get them back on track.
    Imagine how THEY feel.
    Unfortunately, they are all too few…and the REAL niggers are all too numerous.
    They are like an ultimate predator…taking everything and giving nothing.
    And yes, I”d cap anyone (a lot) if they even thought of invading MY house…I practice “castle doctrine”.
    (and that’s not just FRANK CASTLE…lol)


  5. Bob,

    I really do not care about niggers. I find them to be sophists and not trustworthy. Perhaps I could befriend one and come to a mutual conditon of equal benefit, but in the end I only love my people. I see beauty worth preserving in my people. I have witnessed what niggers do to white people in Africa. It is horrific and beyond any sort of decency. A brief encounter with a helpful savage does not justify tolerating the barbaric and savage encounters of a lifetime endured living around them. I have no emotions for these savages that would pity them. Only contempt.

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