80-Year-Old War Hero and Family Slaughtered

An 80-year-old veteran and his family were slaughtered in Arkansas, by a group of crazed Negros.

This was a sickening story. The thought of a man who served his country, having to fight in his home, for his life and the lives of his loved ones to no avail, is nauseating.

These beasts showed no mercy. The 80-year-old victim and his family were beaten so severely, dental records could not be used to determine identity.

I feel it necessary for me to do my part in trying to give this story a little more needed attention. Any that will listen, need to hear.

This sounds like uncontrollable, furious anger to me, i.e. overkill. Considering the severity of the beating of such helpless people, one would have to consider robbery, secondary in their motives. The assailants did not know the victims, so why such fury, by not one crazed individual, but a group, with a collective desire for rage?

Click here for this story.


One Response to “80-Year-Old War Hero and Family Slaughtered”

  1. Your website is first I had seen and heard of this atrocity.

    Thankful the police succeeded in locating and apprehending
    these vicious beasts. This one not a Hate Crime too Holder?

    Were it my justice system, we would have public hangings, not to be mean, but to come to some medium point.

    The heart of man has not changed over the eons, and surely some would rather see them skinned alive.

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