2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa: Tend at Your Own Risk

If you are white, and plan on tending the World Cup in South Africa, you’re playing Russian roulette. South Africa is extremely dangerous, especially for whites! Even for the most experienced and indigenous white of that region must always be on their toes.

“The British government has warned that fans arriving in South Africa for next year’s World Cup could be at risk of carjacking when they leave Johannesburg airport.”



5 Responses to “2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa: Tend at Your Own Risk”

  1. They kill you with a bicycle spoke to the heart in a crowed street, set you down on the bench rob you and it is over.

    It will be mayhem, I am still confident it will be held in Australia who has been preparing as an alternate site.

    Every Afrikaner I know has a relative or friend who has been killed by them. Trust me, you have no idea how violent these chimps can get if you let your guard down for a second.

  2. Some of us know just how right you are, Mike.

  3. George Wallace Says:

    Any white stupid enough to go there deserves anything they get from the niggers.

  4. As a South African, I would not know who to fear most!
    The muggers, robbers and murders or the POLICE!!!

    Some members of the Police are more criminally intent than the criminals!
    Did anyone watch Carte Blance last Sunday where police pulled over a white couple for a traffic offense and then locked up the husband and repeatedly raped the woman for hours?

    What are the police doing about these Colleagues? NOTHING!!!

    • Grandad, I believe I read that story you’re referring to. I believe I read it at My SA Sucks, or the former SA Sucks.

      That was an awful story.

      People can con themselves all they want but, we and the Negro are not the same!

      They better hope decent people don’t take control once again.

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