“They’re Just Scared to Go to School”

I found this video among the You Tube videos of “UncookedVanilla.”


4 Responses to ““They’re Just Scared to Go to School””

  1. I am appalled and enraged by these cowardly beasts. There is a difference between white bullying and these.
    My experience with white bullys growing up, is you would be dealing one on one.
    If you stood to the challenge, you were never bothered again.
    This truly is something different , and glad media is begrudingly, although still timidly, calling this out as a
    …bias attack. Seems like cat got their tongue on that first word on that first video.

  2. SingingtheBlues Says:

    I got an old idea. It’s called SEGREGATION.Niggers will never change. Most are not civilized and like a wild animal cannot be tamed by words, money or love. Only beatings will keep some of these savages in line. They got to be made to know we are not gonna take their bullshit any more. Where are some white gangs and white solidarity ? Oh, that’s right….. poor black folks. We got to feel sorry fo dem. Its not their fault. Its whitey’s. Quit trying to change a race of people that doesn’t have the mentality to be able to change to a civilized society. Africa still serves as a perfect example.

  3. I practice personal segregation having judged the entire race of niggers as a menace to law and order. Lets face it, they all look the same, are very ugly and submit to slavery. They do not belong among us.

  4. Makes ‘ya long for the good old days when people (read animals) such as these were summarily taken out and killed!
    (and the townspeople were all the better for doing it.)

    This sh*t HAS to end…and end now.

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