“Bias Motivated Crimes”

Bias my butt! This is hate!

I’m not sure how much more evidence it is going to take to wake whites up to the fact that race is real.

This is another video uploaded by UncookedVanilla.


2 Responses to ““Bias Motivated Crimes””

  1. It is only going to get worse, when the collapse occurs. Hungry niggers hunting in packs robbing raping and home invasions.
    Niggers have been known to kill a sibling for a biscuit, so thanks to your crusade of truth brother, many have been warned.

  2. Good post.
    ANd I’m with Mike 100%
    Personally, all this PC bullsh*t is becoming too much anymore.
    Black = BIAS
    White = HATE

    Either call it ALL hate or call it ALL bias, but let’s not split hairs here.
    Perhaps we should be splitting some SKULLS?

    I think rather than fight BACK…maybe, we should fight FIRST!
    (but that would make me a “racist”, right?)


    Stay safe out there.

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