Who We Pull For

At one time I was a professional fight fanatic. Professional fighting is (usually) controlled violence. Nobody is being stabbed or shot in the face; rarely will anybody die in the ring or octagon.

After many years of watching fights between whites and blacks, I do not ever remember a black pulling for a white – ever! On the other hand, I’ve seen countless white children worshiping black fighters, and cheering for a Negro to punish a white.

It seems to pain many among the blacks to compliment any white for anything. I believe if a typical Negro were honest, they’d admit that they could not bring themselves to pull for a white. I feel the same; I cannot cheer against my race.

I watched the Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rodgers fight. I’ve watched many of his fights in the past. He is one very tough fighter. After the fight, Fedor was extremely humble, which is very typical of him. On the other hand, Mr. Rodgers didn’t seem to handle himself the same.

The Punch


9 Responses to “Who We Pull For”

  1. Thanks! that was really worth watching

  2. I saw that fight on TV. Fedor is something. Always so calm. Always wins. I like how he thanked the Russian Orthodox Christians who prayed for him. Great guy. Then the black guy went complaining like an ass.

  3. at around 5 minutes into the slaughter, I was screaming over here, GET UP BOY!

    Beautiful fight!

  4. You said if a negro would be honest he would admit he would never pull for a white man, I’ll be honest , I pulled for “Boom Boom” Mancini, Kelly Pavlik, Jerry Quarry,Ken Buchannan,Henry Cooper, Fedor and others not because they were white but because I respected them as fighters,there are many black fighters I won’t pull for because they present themselves in such a disrespectful manner.
    Maybe I miss it but I didn’t hear Rogers compliment or give Fedor any credit for his victory.

  5. a good post for you,

    Of course niggers will never ever pull for a white man, they are inferior, even though we present ourselves as helpful and bewildered by the hostility of the savages. It is this fact of having to help them that reminds them of the inferiority of its sub race. Constantly and everywhere they look it is obvious, the jew media whips up the rhetoric making the whites feel guilty about their beauty, productivity, and intelligence. We then sit back and watch the destruction. We must never allow ourselves to think that a nigger is our equal, never. Every time we do they will devour us when we fall for that lie.

  6. Niviusvir,

    Great Post; loved that fight.

    I recall my brother and I were watching a game show on television we were both cheering for the black contestant to win. I vividly remember my Father asking us why we wanted this Negro to win the prize.

    Because Negroes are poor we answered in unison, a quizzical look came over my Fathers face, he simply said there are poor white people as well.

    Public and private schools started indoctrinating whites in the 1960s my brother and I had no idea what the true state of the world was at that time, but my Father was honest and he opened my eyes on that day.

    It’s not too hard to understand how some whites can turn against their own race in favor of Negroes… after all the schools are still busily indoctrinating students about the poor blacks.

    But I agree with you it’s time to cheer our own.

    Thank you for your efforts to that end,


    • Mark,

      You’re more than welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it. We do need to get back to the point where we pull for ourselves and our own – all other races do.

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