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More Video on Washington Police Executions

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It Happened Again: Four More of Our Protectors Have Been Executed by a Coward

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* Sergeant Mark Renninger, 39. He was protecting people for thirteen years. His wife and three children have lost their husband and dad.
* Officer Ronald Owens, 37. He was in law enforcement for twelve years. He can no longer be there for his daughter.
* Officer Tina Griswold, 40. She was in law enforcement for fourteen years. She was forced to leave her husband and two children.
* Officer Greg Richards, 42. He spent eight years protecting us. His wife and three children find themselves alone.

Four more police officers were executed while in a coffee shop near Tacoma, Washington. The savagery continues.

Police are looking for a person of interest, Maurice Clemmons.

You may remember the officers that were recently murdered in Oakland, pictured below, were also murdered by a Negro. Click here for that post.

Us “racists” will continue to be proven right.

Add Another White to the List of Those Burned Alive

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The media are going to turn a blind eye to this story.

80-Year-Old War Hero and Family Slaughtered

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An 80-year-old veteran and his family were slaughtered in Arkansas, by a group of crazed Negros.

This was a sickening story. The thought of a man who served his country, having to fight in his home, for his life and the lives of his loved ones to no avail, is nauseating.

These beasts showed no mercy. The 80-year-old victim and his family were beaten so severely, dental records could not be used to determine identity.

I feel it necessary for me to do my part in trying to give this story a little more needed attention. Any that will listen, need to hear.

This sounds like uncontrollable, furious anger to me, i.e. overkill. Considering the severity of the beating of such helpless people, one would have to consider robbery, secondary in their motives. The assailants did not know the victims, so why such fury, by not one crazed individual, but a group, with a collective desire for rage?

Click here for this story.

2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa: Tend at Your Own Risk

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If you are white, and plan on tending the World Cup in South Africa, you’re playing Russian roulette. South Africa is extremely dangerous, especially for whites! Even for the most experienced and indigenous white of that region must always be on their toes.

“The British government has warned that fans arriving in South Africa for next year’s World Cup could be at risk of carjacking when they leave Johannesburg airport.”


Holdup Note Devoured

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This Negro insidiously ate his holdup note, under the noses of police officers. I guess it’s better than prison food.

We’re Running Out of White College Students

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I first read about this story at “Why Blacks Suck.” It is on the blog list. They did a great job bringing attention to this story.

This story is being blogged about on a few sites. The more attention, the better.

Another promising young, white college student has been beaten to death by Negros.

Christopher Kernich is another victim of Negro violence.

“Bias Motivated Crimes”

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Bias my butt! This is hate!

I’m not sure how much more evidence it is going to take to wake whites up to the fact that race is real.

This is another video uploaded by UncookedVanilla.

“They’re Just Scared to Go to School”

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I found this video among the You Tube videos of “UncookedVanilla.”

Funeral Execution

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Some, cannot even mourn in peace.