Lazy Thief Robs Hard Workers

Another lazy Negro decided to take what others worked for.

This too happened in Miami.


2 Responses to “Lazy Thief Robs Hard Workers”

  1. NV:
    Hell, if this porch monkey gets caught, he’ll get the hell off.

    He’ll just claim he was following Obamessiah’s dictate to “redistribute the wealth”…
    (whatta crock of sh*t)

    You want something…WORK for it, or do without!

    Simple, huh?

  2. hmmmmm, I bet she is a coal burner and that is her yard ape stealing her dads stuff.
    Any nigger caught in the act by a female is promptly raped plus the nigger did not help him self to some food and alcohol.
    This one sounds a little fishy to me.

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