More Whites Have Become Victims of Race

This Negro woman lied about an alleged kidnapping and torture of herself. She had accused seven, now apparently innocent whites of carrying this out. Six were sent to prison. Seven people have had their lives nearly destroyed, not to mention the lives of their family and friends.

Yes, the Duke Lacrosse case certainly comes to mind for many of us.

One of the young men was having a relationship with this Negro. For him, I do not feel the same degree of pity as I do for the rest.

Six people have had their lives ruined. I’m sure race had to have played a factor in the convictions. The big, mean and nasty white people were mistreating this poor little, delicate flower.

Where does the insanity stop? How much longer can such a violent race continue to be forcefully portrayed as victims?


2 Responses to “More Whites Have Become Victims of Race”

  1. Never plea bargain with the Great Satan. Take your chances with a jury, no matter what a lawyer says.

  2. Another example of why I practice personal segregation.

    Lay down with an animal and you will get fleas.

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