Apples and Oranges


Long ago was the time when professional athletes like Lou Gehrig humbly stood before a crowd of thousands, with his hat off like a gentleman, showing respect to the fans that made him. Mr. Gehrig stood before this crowd of familiar strangers to personally inform them of how blessed and fortunate he was to have played before them and for them. At the time of this speech he was recently informed that he was very ill with a life threatening disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

His humility and genuine strength of character were more apparent than the disease, as you can witness in his famous farewell speech below.

Negro athletes have changed the face of sports. How often do you now hear about famous athletes arrested for, or somehow involved in shootings, stabbings or some other type of absurdly violent crime?

Jasper Howard

The extraordinary violence committed by the Negro in their everyday lives has spilled over into sports. Twenty-year-old Jasper Howard, a University of Connecticut football player, was stabbed to death on-campus last night.

Here are some of today’s “heroes.”

This is Ray Lewis during his murder trial.

This is Ray Lewis during his murder trial.

OJ "The Slasher" Adam "Pacman" Jones
Plaxico Buress

Plaxico Buress

Below, is a classic moment in racism.

Kendall Berry


Florida International University Football Player Murdered

Another Negro athlete has been “oppressed” by his own.

A while back I blogged about Negro athletes as well as the violent acts and crimes committed by them. If they are not the ones committing the violent acts, they are often the victims of Negro violence themselves, which was the case of the murder of Kendall Berry, a running back for FIU. He was involved in an “altercation” i.e. wild brawl involving at least two dozen men. QuentinWyche has been arrested in the murder.

Click here for the full story.

Michael Vick

Michael Vick

Two NBA Players Pull Guns on One Another

How often have you heard of white, professional athletes pulling guns on people?

Warren Sapp Arrested for Pulling Woman out of Bed and Chocking Her

Brandon Marshall Arrested Again

Former NBA Player Arrested for Sex Ring

Police Say Lawrence Taylor Raped a 16-Year-Old Child


6 Responses to “Apples and Oranges”

  1. Ron Smith Says:

    How could you forget Steve McNair and Michael Vick? (Or maybe you ran out of room).

    • niviusvir Says:

      You’re right. But we could even go far beyond McNair and Vick. I can think of many more, especially if we consider the collegiate level. Even pre-Darryl Strawberry.

  2. NV:
    But all these apes are genetically DESIGNED to play sports…(wait, that’s a PC “racist” statement…)
    They’re just doing what come naturally…
    (another PC racist remark)
    They can’t help it…they were slaves ages ago…
    (getting better…less “racist”)
    It’s another form of reparations…
    (that’s more like it)
    It’s all WHITEY’S fault…
    (there ‘ya go)…

    It’s all BS and LIES…nothing but LIES…animals are STILL ANIMALS…PERIOD!
    Doesn’t matter HOW you “dress ’em up”.

    And we wind up paying to WATCH such animalistic behavior ( I don’t – sports are anything but sportsmanlike)…hell, you can see more on the (ghetto-fed) streets of ANY major city…and NO “timeouts”…LOL!

    Was that the starting pistol?
    Nah, just another druggie getting capped.


    Good post!


  3. I stopped watching sports and television as soon as niggers were on it. Watching or listening to yard apes pretending to be humans and actually functioning in a productive way was a bit much for my intellect and logic to process.

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