Another Hard Working Family Man Executed by a 15-Year-Old Demon

In the report, they give the excuse that he killed him because he thought he was an illegal Hispanic. I believe this might be a cover for him to avoid any mention of more black on white hate. The victim in the photograph, certainly does not look Hispanic to me.

Our condolences go out to the family of David Hardwick, another name on the list of casualties as a result of cultural diversity.


5 Responses to “Another Hard Working Family Man Executed by a 15-Year-Old Demon”

  1. Well, Geez, Even Eric Holder would have to consider this a “hate crime”. After all this hideous hop’n shitpile may have killed a white person, but he intended to kill a “Hispanic” man, which should be one of those special cases where he held “hateful thoughts” toward a protected minority in the commision of a homicide. Oh I forgot, it wasn’t actually the minority that got killed,.. doesn’t count

  2. I am sick to death of hearing how it’s always society’s fault that these young punks act like thugs! Throwing more and more programs at them is not going to solve the problem. The responsibility lies first and foremost within the individual and in their family. I am part of society and I had no hand in this POS growing up without a mother and father. That is not my fault; it is theirs. If you do not want to take responsibility for that which you create, then dammit, keep your thing in your pants!

  3. Well I heard that America has spent 13 trillion dollars on social programs for yard apes to fit in. Which amount to approximately 370, 000 dollars for every nigger in America. Coincedentially it coincides with the national debt of America. With our campuses, factories, and cities demolished and represents a horrifying and biblical babylon these days. Hopefully out of the ashes our great race of people will show these savages with the utmost conviction why they will not be welcome in our nations ever again.

  4. You guys need to grow some balls. The crime in America in general has gone down for decades.

    America was the wild west – a LOT of murders happened in America, and since it’s founding that sort of stuff has dropped off massively.

    This is about as stupid as the Liberal media trying to hype stuff up that doesn’t even exist outside of the television screen.

    Are there bad people? Yeah – and right now I’m more pissed off about bankers that have put my great great great grand children in debt than I am about some petty murders.

    Time to go back in your American history books .. it wasn’t some sweet anne of green gables fairy tale.

    • niviusvir Says:

      Regardless of what you say, it does not excuse the horrifically, lopsided numbers produced by blacks. The disproportionate amount of violence on their behalf places them in a league of their own.

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