Man Tries to Save Woman’s Life – After Trying to Kill Her?!?!


I have often quoted on this blog, the words coming out of the mouths of Negros themselves, regarding the violence produced by their race, in their neighborhoods.

This is no different. Listen to the words of the Negro lady herself. These are not the words of a “racist.” Negros are the ones producing fear, not so-called racists. These are her words! She is too scared to show her face in “her own” neighborhood!

” We have a lot of people that go, work, and it’s not safe. We have to be inside early, the crime is high. They doin kickin in doors, robbin people.”

I have compiled many quotes like this.


One Response to “Man Tries to Save Woman’s Life – After Trying to Kill Her?!?!”

  1. Of course this incident will be used as a battle cry for gun control because in the heat of passion one should never have a firearm near by.

    This nigger actually shows a bit of intellect by advancing the I didnt do nuffin defense into a I didnt mean to do nuffen. Plus he actually aimed the weapon and scored a direct hit.

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