LSU Football Fans Ripped Off

Some people bought LSU versus Florida tickets but were not able to watch the game they paid for, thanks to a group of Negro scam artists.

I have seen many Negro scams. I recall a person I knew, making the sad mistake of buying two “televisions” from two Negros that had stopped at a truck stop he was at. They were wrapped in bubble wrap. The price was low. He bought them. After he paid for them, he unwrapped them, only to discover they had been gutted, with no cords.

The victim was a nice and trusting person. Often times, the Negro can smell that from a mile away.


One Response to “LSU Football Fans Ripped Off”

  1. Ron Smith Says:

    Hear about this one?

    The best part:

    That’s when angry customers, realizing they weren’t getting free coats, began throwing merchandise on the floor and grabbing clothes without paying for them, Nace said.

    “Everybody was like, ‘I still want my free stuff,’ and that started the riot,” he said. “It looks like (Hurricane) Katrina went through the store.”

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