Thief Makes no Effort to Hide His Greedy and Lawless Behavior

The sheer brazenness, lawlessness and pure greed of this Negro is amazing. He takes this beer in the open for all to see, as if he is truly entitled to it. In his mind, it is apparent the beer belongs to him.


2 Responses to “Thief Makes no Effort to Hide His Greedy and Lawless Behavior”

  1. OK…so you can get a “reward” for info leading to his ARREST…
    HOW MUCH MORE do you get for just up and shooting this ape bastard D E A D ?

    (inquiring minds want to know…)

  2. So this just goes to show you, that they like the bud but can only afford Colt 45. In South Africa they have electronic locks on entrances into stores which prevents yard apes from entering into stores. Chalk this into the stupid store owners actually believe the bullshit that niggers can be trusted. Niggers must be amazed and feel like they are in heavan when they first arrive in all white communities with everything unsecured everywhere they look. Coupled with all the beautiful women wandering around all alone must of been an exciting feeling for the early savages foray into our communities.
    I remember a time when newspapers didn’t have locks on the boxes and relied on the honor system, keys were left in the ignition and everyone’s doors were unlocked. The times have certainly changed.

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