Kids Will be – Kids?!?!

Take a look at the Negro youth of Richmond, Virginia.

Also, there is an interesting video about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Click here for this video. did a nice job having the decency to give this case a little more, long overdue attention.



6 Responses to “Kids Will be – Kids?!?!”

  1. More TNB…disgusting.
    This Saturday, I had my mailbox yanked from the damn ground and torn apart…and by nOne other than (you guessed it)…NIGGERS!

    F$CKING bastards!!

    They just live for chaos…nothing less.

    I plan to post pics on my blog monday (when I can also call the police to make on ELECTRONIC REPORT)…apparently, they don’t BOTHER to come out for something as “trivial ” (and obviously racist) as THIS.

    Gonna move the box to my HOUISE and make the carrier WALK across the street to deliver it (if I can).
    Have to call the local postmaseter (again, on MONDAY) to report it there too.

    And to think this happened while I was AT HOME (can’t even watch TV in another room, I guess)

    Damn dirty apes…they oughta all die with a festered asshole.

    But that’s just *my* opinion


    • niviusvir Says:


      My condolences to your mailbox. I’m sure that is very aggravating.

      Perhaps you could consider surveillance cameras. They do seem to do a great job catching Negros in the midst of their sinister and ubiquitous acts.


  2. DrussTHE Legend Says:

    Yea, I got a surveilance camera. Its right on the end of my gunsight.

  3. I just wanted to comment on the Channon Christian and Chris Newsom video. It was extremely heart wrenching to watch these parents recall the memories of their slain children, the brutality they were subjected to before their lives were snuffed out. The animals responsible for this grotesque crime–and make no mistake; these were animals–should never live to see another day. Thank you for posting this video.

  4. ROFL, Druss…I LOVE It!

  5. The children crossing sign should have tails attached to the image.s

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