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Happy Halloween: Six Decomposing Bodies Found at Man’s Home

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I don’t know about you but, this seems to be the work of a Negro serial killer. It appears 50-year-old Anthony Sowel, of Cleveland, OH has some explaining to do.

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Child Murdered for Potty Training Accident

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Teacher Arrested Hours Into Tenure!?

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“Operation Illegal Motion”

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Senior city Prosecutor, Fletcher Bell, and police officers from Baton Rouge, Louisiana are in the midst of a corruption trial.

Nation of Cowards

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Nation of Cowards has been added to the blog list, located to the right. You’ll find a fine perspective about race, along with interesting stories.

“You Should be Able to Go to a Football Game and Enjoy the Game”

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” ‘You don’t mess with them, you don’t talk smart to them they ain’t gonna bother you,’ said one student who asked to remain anonymous.”
– Channel 3, Memphis

This is another quote regarding the violence of Negro gangs, ruling over the lives of schools and communities. This particular gang refers to itself as, “The Goon Squad.” The quote came after a 15-year-old boy was beaten by this gang after leaving a football game.

A Memphis news crew went to the address of the “leader” of this gang, trying to find some answers. While there, a female advocate of his, peered from a front door asking and affirming in a very belligerent tone, ” Why would you still recording? He innocent until proven guilty. Whatever he did. And he ain’t did shit! So take your ass…..”

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If You Can Pitch – You Better Know How to Catch

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” A Knox County jury today put torture-slaying alleged ringleader Lemaricus Davidson on the path to death.”

It seems to me, Knoxnews has done an honest job while covering the Knoxville Massacre story and subsequent trial. This is something the rest of this nation’s media could learn from. Below, is a link to one of their latest reports regarding the fate of the ringleader, Lemaricus Davidson.

Davidson seems to be, very deservedly, on a collision course with death through the judicial system. What him and his friends did to Channon Christian and Christopher should absolutely never be forgotten. This specific case and its level of violence should perpetuate conversation among decent people for years.

Recently, one of his collaborators and fellow sadists, Letalvis Cobbins was many feel, undeservedly spared the death penalty.

Let’s see what Mr. Davidson thinks about his own personal relationship with death. If you can pitch – you better know how to catch.

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Lemaricus Davidson was sentenced to death, click here Death Card, Not Race Card – This Time for more information.