Beware of The Choker

Black Attacker of White Woman

The choker is prowling the Houston area. This Negro is choking his victims out.

Click here
for story, or in case video does not work.


2 Responses to “Beware of The Choker”

  1. Hey Niv,

    Did you notice what the reporter, Leticia Juarez, said and refused to say? She switched from English to Spanish, to say her name, but when she read the suspect description, she read everything aloud but the most important fact: “black male.” Why bother saying his age, height, and weight, if you are not going to say the single most relevant fact for identifying him? That Juarez would say everything but his race is the dead giveaway that she was following a race-based rule.

    Pronouncing Hispanic names with a Spanish accent on an English-language, American news broadcast: Essential.

    Saying the most important identifier of a potentially homicidal felon: Not essential.


    • You’re absolutely right, Nicholas. As usual, your observations are honest and accurate. I did not notice it initially myself but, now that you brought focus upon it, I do notice it. Isn’t the racial hypocrisy in this country just great?

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