Bloody Bus Ride



4 Responses to “Bloody Bus Ride”

  1. Gee, I would like to leave a comment but everything I would like to say and do to these lowlife FUCKING NIGGERS would be misconstrued as something else by the liberal jew run internet coppers. Suffice to say, Millions of fellow whites are woken up already to this NIGGER BEAST INFESTATION. Been to a gun show lately? No SHITSKINS there. Booths are closing up at midday CAUSE they are selling out of guns and ammo that fucking QUICK. Those of us who know the TRUTH are ready and waiting. One of these days, the nig is gonna pick on the WRONG white man and the shits gonna hit the fan. Peace.

  2. This is just a glimpse of what the future for White people will look like as the populations of these subhuman savages explode…unless we do something to crush this malignancy now before it mutates further.

    That looked nothing like a school bus. That looked like an animal holding pen for rabid, feral, psychotic apes with a smattering of White kids trapped in the maelstrom of nigger fuxation.

  3. NV:
    Animals…acting in an animalistic manner…what do we expect?

    And we try to understand such creatures, as well as attempt (vainly, in many cases) to even EDUCATE them?

    Talk about a colossal waste of good taxpayer money.
    Better to chain all of these lowlifes together and get ’em all out fixing the ROADS and HIGHWAYS across this nation…the way it USED to be.
    Think of ALL that untapped labor!
    And they get fresh air, sunshine, and sing negro spirituals all damn day!

    The ones that WANT to succeed…let them, but let’s STOP all this pandering to the scum of the race.


  4. It looks like there was a reckless disregard for the safety of a minority citizen on a public conveyance.

    If the majority population doesn’t want whites on their buses then maybe we should just give in to what they want and segregate busing and then schooling.

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