Pure Chaos Caused by Dozens in Philadelphia

The Negro continues to strengthen the argument of the “racist.” This happened in Philadelphia. I found this among the videos of deathtodiversity2.


One Response to “Pure Chaos Caused by Dozens in Philadelphia”

  1. NV:
    South St. has become a cesspool over the last decade or so…
    Didn’t used to be that way.
    Used to be a nice place you could go to “get away from it all” when it came to the “9-5”.
    Good eats, entertainment, great specialty shops…the “whole enchilada”.

    All that has CHANGED.

    The city has catered to the “diverse” all for the sake of EQUALITY.
    (my ass)

    You can’t have anything anymore whenever THESE animals show their primate faces.

    They LIVE TO DESTROY…and that’s about it.


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