Guilty Verdict for Sadistic Murderer/Rapist Involved in Knoxville Massacre



Letalvis Cobbins was one of the evil demons responsible for the horrific murder and torture of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in the Knoxville Massacre, has been found guilty of first degree murder.

Click here for the full story.

Click here for the penalty phase results of the Letalvis Cobbins trial.


For information about Lemaricus Davidson click here.


10 Responses to “Guilty Verdict for Sadistic Murderer/Rapist Involved in Knoxville Massacre”

  1. This does not make me feel any better. I am not satisfied with these animal thugs being put in jail for life, or easily and painlessly getting a needle in their arm. No f***en way. I want them to endure the torture they inflicted on those two wonderful, beautiful kids who had their whole lives ahead of them. I want these barbaric, souless animals to have more pain inflicted on them then any human has ever had to stand. This is not justice. I am sickened how the left wing media looked the owther way at this case because the victims were white and the murdering MF’ers were black. America is soft and weak in 2009. We need to turn around and protect our innocent and kill the guilty by the old way of the gas chamber or electric chair.
    RIP Channon and Christopher I am sickened by your senseless deaths.

  2. May they get sodomized and tortured in prison then…. When they are begging for death… Slowly burn their pathetic, disgusting asses starting with their nasty toes!!! Their penis should be cut off and shoved down their throats as their nappy heads are set ablazed to burn alive!! Sadly, even that wouldn’t be justice but at least they would experience some of what they forced on two completely innocent people….

  3. Thomas Evans Says:

    This is the murder case in my mind’s history that absolutely shocked and angered me. It was so senseless and brutal. They couldn’t even make a movie- though they probably will, that could depict the true nature of Christian and Shannon’s terror as these animals humiliated, gang raped, and tortured these two innocent College students without any remorse or even sorrow. This case was the worse of the worst. It is barbaric what these thugs inflicted on the victims. It makes me wonder if even the 5 people responsible for this crime- realize what they’ve done and how it’s affected people all over the world. Truth is they can smirk and reduce their culpability all they want. They will never be free again. They will most definitely be confined to a cage the rest of their lives. They surrendered a lot in order to accomplish one of the most heinous crimes in American history

  4. autumn marlow Says:

    I am in complete shock, still..after all these years. I want those disgusting creatures to endure the most painful death possible. Sending them to jail is probably an upgrade for those low lives. I am repulsed with the fact that we will be paying to feed, and keep clothes on those demons backs. I wish that I could have my way with them for just an hour, that’s all I need.

  5. This story fills me with hate and rage. I agree with all of your posts 110%. We should all be carrying concealed weapons from here on out. I’d like to strap all of these animals to a table and put white phosphorous pellets on their eyeballs so that it will burn a hole through their face to the back of their skulls and then take said skull and shoot it from a cannon and then chase the skull down and tie it up to a tree and turn it into a nest for wasps.

  6. I just read the story of Channon and Christopher and I cried and prayed. How could ANYONE do such a thing to another being? Animals don’t even do that to each other. They are much worse than animals. I think exactly what they did to their victims should be done to them. That would be the only way to prevent such a horrific horrible crime. The only problem is noone would be able to be barbaric enough to even do that to those criminals.

    Their poor families…

  7. This is absolutly thee most disturbing story ive ever read. and i seriously hope that everyone involved with the murder and rape and other things done to that innocent couple will die of a horrible death that they most certainly deserve. if i had 1 wish in the world i would bring Channon and Christopher back into this world. their beautiful promising lives were taken from them by niggers. i was never against blacks till i read this story and now everytime i look at a black person i have so much anger towards them. i wish i could personally do the samething the niggers did to Channon and Christopher, but a thousand times worse. i agree with all of you and i would be honored to mutilate and butcher thoes low life niggers for what they did. and just the fact that the media wont use this story to get it out there. I WILL idc what anyone says i will make it my mission til the day i die to make it known the everyone in every state of America to have known who Channon and Christopher were, how they died and how they shall be remembered from here on out. RIP Channon and Christopher i will pray for you everyday and everynight. i love you

  8. I happened to come across the case by way of just being on youtube following the case with Trayvon Martin. I will admit that what happened to Trayvon Martin was WRONG and that George Zimmerman should be in jail. However, I really feel that Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and all of our so- called Black Leaders would have displayed a tremendous amount of solidarity if they would have shown some support to the Christian family and the Newsome family. This was without a doubt one of the most horrible, violent and inhumane crimes in the history of this country. I am an African American and they all should have gotten the death penalty. How come our black so-called leaders did not reach out to these families? I thought that Dr. King preached to love all not by the color of our skin but the content of our character. God Bless the Newsom Family and the Christian Family. RIP Channon and Christopher.

  9. The reason this isn’t in the national news is that they are afraid that white supremace groups will run with it. In order for racial tensions to decline we need to hear from black and white people that we value each others lives. If it is swept under the carpet it becomes even more volatile.

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