Man Defends His Castle With Success – Congratulations


Another lawless Negroid has been shot to death as he invaded a man’s home in Houston. His home had been broken into two times prior to this particular invasion.

His aunt was shocked that the “angel” she called her nephew would commit such an act. That’s typical African denial. Meanwhile, some of the Negro neighbors did defend his right of self defense. However, had it been a white man defending his home – you know the rest.

Click here for the full story, or if the video below does not work.


2 Responses to “Man Defends His Castle With Success – Congratulations”

  1. NV:
    GOD, I love a HAPPY ENDING…!

    Whether the (recently-deceased) perp had a weapon or NOT is not the issue w/ police here.
    What should be ascertained was IF the resident FELT he was in IMMINENT DANGER and that a life-threatening situation was at hand…period.
    And if he DID feel that way, then he was totally in his RIGHT to act accordingly to eliminate that threat.
    (Texans don’t take kindly to that sh*t)

    That will trump most all suppositions.

    Seems like someone wants that man’s house, and was willing to chase him from the area, as is the standard M.O. in neighborghood “revitalization” or, as I like to call it “urban renewal”.
    He stood his ground, and has sent a POWERFUL message to the rest of the simians…

    (sounds like a plan to me)
    But, I’m just one of those God-awful “racists”, because I tell the truth and call ANY crimnal out…even the BLACK ones.


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