Lily Burk

Almost as if traveling down a conveyor belt, one by one, women and girls continue to be devoured by the Negroid. And the national media in particular, continue to remain silent about these horrendous murders. The female continues to be led down the path of slaughter, with no voice for them.

Lily Burk

Lily Burk

Charlie Samuel

Charlie Samuel

Lily Burk, a 17-year-old of Los Angeles, was carjacked, kidnapped, beaten, robbed and throat slashed by a crazed, Negroid parolee. Charles Samuel was an ex-convict on parole. He was granted a pass to temporarily leave a drug rehab center. While gone he commenced his inhuman attack and murder of Lily.

He was amongst the innocent due to a clerical error!

“Samuel was convicted of robbery and residential burglary in San Bernardino County in 1997. Ten years later, he was convicted of another burglary and was eligible to be prosecuted under California’s three-strikes law.

But because of a clerical error, the 1997 burglary charge was filed as a second strike instead of a third. A third strike can put a convicted felon away for 25 years to life.”

-ABC Los Angeles

The Associated Press, who I am surprised covered the story at all, attempted to obfuscate the identity of the murderer, providing merely a silhouette of a man, rather than his photograph. I’m sure the AP was simply not resourceful enough to find a picture of a career criminal like Samuel.


6 Responses to “Lily Burk”

  1. Katy McCrary Says:

    Your an idiot…you don’t even know this girl. Maybe she was buying drugs? Maybe you should stop trying to write poetry about dead girls and remove the caveman from your page. Archeologists find caucuzoid bones in caves, not Pyramids. Get it? Kind of demeaning and foolish. Your blog is gay and this girls parents should find you and throw piss on you. Leave her alone.

    • If she was buying drugs, then she deserved having her throat slit? You are demonstrating poor rationality.

    • Lily Burke was not buying drugs. I should know as I am a family friend. She was running an errand for her mother. It was senseless and horrific what happened to this poor girl. Katy, you have no soul and are the one who is foolish and cruel. YOU should leave her alone as you obviously have a cold heart to assume Lily may have somehow deserved this. Grow up, idiot.

  2. J. Julian Says:

    Well what can I say, I guess in your world white people don’t kill people. Only crazed “Negroids” thirsting for the blood on poor defenseless white girls. But back in the real world people of no particular racial group kill people of no particular racial group all the time. People like you sit on the side and try to fan the flames of bigotry that might lead to people getting hurt or maybe killed and for what so you kill feel strong and powerful of course I’m assuming your white. I think there are reasons things like this happen and I think you and people like you are just lazy and what something done by knee jerk reaction. None of your hard on crime ideas really work to lower crime so there must be another reason for it… YEAH I GOT IT RACISM.

    • niviusvir Says:

      Statistics refute everything in your statement. In 2005 nearly 40,000 white women were raped by Negros, compared to 10 black women being raped by whites, according to the Department of Justice. Their numbers indicate Negros are 7 times more likely to commit murder.

      Those numbers are staggering to the mind that comprehends mathematics.

  3. Set the animal on fire.

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