“It’s Like the Wild Wild West!”

This happened in Memphis. Observe the typical chaos, on the verge of becoming uncontrollable, pure and wild mayhem!

Click here for the story with video, or if video below does not work.


2 Responses to ““It’s Like the Wild Wild West!””

  1. Umm…what country was that Woods dude from? I practically needed a translator to understand what he was saying!

  2. Heh…another typical day in the typical hood overrun by typical porch monkeys.
    (could be Somalia…or Liberia)

    They LOVE to use double negatives when speaking (when you can UNDERSTDAND the busted English ghetto-talk, that is), so that must mean they DO have an inferiority issue…
    That also explains why they shoot off their mouths and (illegal) guns all the time…to make up for mental and emotional inadequacies.
    ANY animal can certainly screw another, but it takes a MAN to ACT like a real man.
    These apes aren’t there yet.
    ‘Ya think?

    (just my 2 cents)


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