Daylight Does Not Deter

This happened in Jackson, Mississippi.

Click here for the story or if video does not work.


2 Responses to “Daylight Does Not Deter”

  1. 911 humg up on them? Why would that be?

    Races in Jackson:

    Black (70.6%)
    White Non-Hispanic (27.5%)
    Hispanic (0.8%)
    Two or more races (0.7%)

    There’s your answer.

  2. ArtemusGordon Says:

    “doing whatever you have to do” That means POLICING yourselves. No reason to be afraid. Form a posse and when them motherfuckers come back around…….. well you know. Stand up for yourselves,. Quit being a bunch of PUSSIES. Hit these thugs head on. They do what they do cause there is “NO RESISTANCE”. Once they find out you aren’t gonna take shit anymore, they will move on to where other weak sheeple live.

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