Archbishop Described Baltimore as Being Worse Than Afghanistan!

Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld-2

Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld, of Maryland, has the impossible job of maintaining the peace in a predominately Negroid city. I commend him for his effort but, he does not stand a chance.

The violence in Baltimore is frightening, like all areas in which Negroids aggregate. Twelve people were shot at a recent, backyard barbecue. The Baltimore archbishop described Baltimore as being worse than Afghanistan.

In the words of a negro woman, “This time, it was just pure carnage and pandemonium. It was crazy. We’ve got to fall on the floor like we’re in a combat zone…. just blood dripped out here in front of the yard and everything.”

If video below does not work.

Click here for the reaction of the commissioner.

Click here for the story of the arch bishop’s comment.


2 Responses to “Archbishop Described Baltimore as Being Worse Than Afghanistan!”

  1. NV:
    Nice to see a “commish” willing to do WHAT IS NEEDED to get these thugs off the damn streets.

    But he BETTER make sure that the ACLU isn’t watching, ’cause ‘deez crimnels gots rights”…!

    And he better make sure the D.A.’s office is onboard with this 100%.

    Time to hold the BLACK community’s feet to the fire on this one…UNLESS they want “business as usual”..then nothing will get done, and these apes will STILLbe pissing & moaning.

    I see smaller versions of inaction and apathy in my neighborhood EVERY day…just let the bad behavior “slide”, until it gets SO far out of hand you can’t combat it properly..then bitch about what’s not being done by the “PO-lees”

    We keep dancing around this circle time and again.
    When are people going to stomp their feet down and yell ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, hmm?

    Good coverage.

    Stay safe.

  2. Had it been in Jerusalem or Iraq, the news report would have differed little excepting the term “terrorists” or “extremist” would have been used.

    What differs here is only a blinded perception of citizens, police, and … to our own sorry plight. We are at war and they are shooting at us. We are as vulnerable now as the extinct dodo bird was unless we quickly grow some teeth and horns.

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