BBQ and Lead


Sixteen people were shot during separate attacks in the Baltimore area over the span of a approximately three hours. In one of the attacks twelve people were shot at a Maryland, backyard barbecue. A pregnant mother and a two-year-old child were among the victims of this incident. Sixteen people were shot in close to three hours! Is sixteen people in the span of three hours not enough for the national media to acknowledge?

Click here for full story or if the video below does not work.


One Response to “BBQ and Lead”

  1. NV:
    I had two thoughts about this…
    1 – This was, (as I guessed) GANG-related.
    2 – NO thought whatsoever was given to ANYONE living NEARBY.
    (innocent people could have been shot, and not all of them might have been BLACK)

    Again, we see the product of dysfunctional behavior that goes UNCHECKED (and in many cases, like the WELFARE SYSTEM…REWARDED).
    One needs to look NO farther than AFRICA to see where all this stems from. It’s been the “same old” over THERE for centuries.
    Sadly, We don’t have to GO to Africa…Africa has come to US.
    (and needs to returned to it’s rightful “owner”)

    Stay safe.

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