Girl Scouts and Daughters of Professors Were on This Beast’s Menu

Marcia Trimble

Marcia Trimble

Jerome Barrett

Jerome Barrett

Nothing could possibly be more innocent than a girl scout delivering cookies. Nine-year-old girl scout Marcia Trimble, of Memphis, was trying to deliver cookies when she was pounced on, raped and murdered by a predator named Jerome Barrett. She was not the only victim.

The ages of his white victims were irrelevant to him. Barret has raped and murdered God only knows how many during his life. The chronology of his known crimes is terrifying to people belonging to the civilized world. Sergeant Ralph Langston estimates that only one-third of victims’ belongings discovered in Barrett’s apartment could be linked to the owners. His rap sheet is very lengthy according to the information provided by authorities. Also on his list of prey was the daughter of a Vanderbilt medicine professor Dr. Roger Des Prez, Sarah Des Prez. She was a student at Vanderbilt. Another victim was a Belmont student.

Sarah Desprez

Sarah Desprez

Race was apparently a motivating factor. One victim recounted a dialogue between the two during one of his beastly attacks.

(Belmont victim) “I started praying, and crying out loud that God would help me and keep me alive.”

(Barrett) “God, who is your savior, you bitch?”

(Belmont Victim) “God.”

(Barrett) “Well, do you wanna live, you bitch?”

(Barrett) “White bitch……., now who’s your God?”

(Belmont victim) “You are.”

(Barrett) “Who’s your savior?”

(Belmont victim) “You are.”

(Barrett) Okay….. okay…., bitch.

After thirty years, DNA evidence has linked this animal to the murder of these two. And he has now been convicted of both barbaric attacks. Retired detective Mark Langston played an important role in justice being served.

Click here for comprehensive coverage of this case.


2 Responses to “Girl Scouts and Daughters of Professors Were on This Beast’s Menu”

  1. I blame whites… for indulging the Negro allowing them to be irresponsible, accepting their obvious inadequacies… pretending that the Negro is no different than a white…. is not only incongruous, but harmful… it’s indisputable that Negroes are predatory animals who can’t control their emotions, or their hatred towards whites.

    Thanks for the post Niviusvir.

    Great site.


    • niviusvir Says:

      I agree almost completely, Mark, although I think some white people have actually made efforts toward maintaining a civil society. You are right, a great deal of whites have continued with an attitude of indifference that has led us to our contemporary state.

      I’ve witnessed it first hand. I would frequent a place where many blacks and whites would wait in line daily. And during the time I was there, I witnessed several blacks nonchalantly jumping in front of whites who sometimes had been waiting in the rain or snow for forty minutes, including a few of the elderly. Some whites would look as if they might have been thinking about saying something but, after the Negroid read this in their faces he or she would respond with an aggressive look indicating you better not dare say anything, cracker. And usually the white would say nothing. Most whites realized the savagery that might have been thrust upon them had they tried to defend their place in line.

      I have been around some in positions of power at a big company, that would cower to the Negro. They would be breaking every rule you could think of, and the upper rungs of the “hierarchy” would remain mute. However if a white were to break one rule, aggressive enforcement would quickly follow.

      Thanks for the comment,

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