Young Rapist in the Making

This happened in Philadelphia.


One Response to “Young Rapist in the Making”

  1. NV:
    Wow…and to think I used to ride that line down to South Philly and back.
    More nigger “fun”…NOT!
    Used to be a time when a nigger would pull something like that, the OTHER PEOPLE on the damn platform would make sure he’d show up “missing”…
    had a time when some blacks moved into an Italian neighborhood..and they parked in someone else’s “spot”.
    Well, the coonmobile had slashed tires, broken windows and was torched.
    (they moved)
    Now THAT’S entertainment.

    Let’s shove all this diversity crap up someone else’s ass…NOT OURS!

    Take back your cities, while you still can. You were there before they were, and you’re the GOOD guys!


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