Murder After Murder

When it comes to murder, the Negroids of Philadelphia are impressive.


2 Responses to “Murder After Murder”

  1. Dear Nivius,

    I remembered the crime as the Georgetown race murder. Hard to believe it’s three years. I started assembling material on it, but before you knew it, it was buried under 1000 newer racial atrocities, and I forgot about until now.

    So I spent a few hours last night reviewing it through Google (since I hadn’t recalled the vic’s name and this pc’s search function is worthless, it was easier googling anew.

    Some things to keep in mind: Although in 2007 the grown black male perps were sentenced to 37 and 52 years respectively (apparently, the unnamed, 15-year-old black male would do a max of six years), I found no mention of the black female getaway driver, Olivia Miles, ever being punished.

    The following pc UK journalist, who often writes from America, went out of his way to lie about the violence in DC, when in fact, the Georgetown murder came amidst a wave of violent robberies.,4675,GeorgetownSlaying,00.html

    Note too Andy Solberg: He was the commander in the precinct where the murder was committed. He mentioned at a community meeting that it was uncommon to see black males in that area, was publicly vilified for that true statement, and (at least temporarily) reassigned.

  2. NV:
    Damn shame …Upper Darby USED to be a nice area until niggerinfuxation took place.
    And of course, we have “mom” telling the whole “he was a good boy…” story to whoever wants to listen. (yeah right)
    He was good, alright…
    Good for NOTHING.

    Witnesses NOT coming forward?
    How nigger-like…that’s the same ALL over. Ditto here in Ft. Wayne.
    TWENTY people “saw” a shooting, but NO ONE COMES FORWARD…guess “they” didn’t think “he was a GOOD boy”, either, hmm?

    Funny how WHEREVER NIGGERS GO…TROUBLE is RIGHT behind them all, isn ‘t it?
    Thanks for showing me what I’m NOT missing by living there any longer.


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