College Students Continue to be Favorite Prey

Patrick Whaley

Patrick Whaley

College students and promising young minds seem to be a favorite quarry of a considerable amount of heathen Negroids. I can think of too many cases in the past, where white college students, who are typically trying to hang on financially, have been either robbed or shot – to death, by blacks. The criminal Negroid does not miss any perceived opportunity to destroy someone achieving greater things than themselves.

Like a great white shark hunting in the deep waters, waiting for prey to venture into the deep, these criminals wait for college students to stray from campus or simply be out too late. And then the mechanism for attack is activated in their mind.

The 23-year-old Georgia Tech student, Patrick Whaley was shot but, fortunately survived. Arrests, also fortunately, have also been made. For this story, click here.

This is certainly not the first white college student to be victimized by blacks. One has to merely google the names Eve Carson, or Lauren Burk for a couple cases of pretty and intelligent girls being erased from Earth by gun carrying animals.

Eve Carson

Eve Carson

James Atwater, Killer of Carson

James Atwater, Killer of Carson

Lauren Burk

Lauren Burk

Courtney Lockhart, Killer of Lauren Burke

Courtney Lockhart, Killer of Lauren Burke


One Response to “College Students Continue to be Favorite Prey”

  1. I said a while back on my blog that these apes were JUST like sharks…meaning they were ultimate predators who take EVERYTHING and give back NOTHING.

    These knuckle-dragging, welfare-sucking simians hate whites because WE (as a society) LET THEM…while covering it in a facade of “diversity”…well, that’s outright BS!

    They hate because it’s never been bred OUT of them…they refuse to evolve, and time and again, the decent people of our society become victims to this crap.

    I’ve never been one for any form of genocide, but by Christ, there sure are a LOT of animals out there that are rapidly changing my mind.
    (Oh, and don’t forget…we’re all “racists” for wanting a BETER world with SAFE streets, campuses, and places to shop…)

    Yeah, right.
    We can only WISH!


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