You Lay Down With Dogs, You Get Fleas

Rian Thal

Rian Thal

Rian Thal was a white girl, seemingly obsessed with the wild and dangerous lifestyle the Negroid is so frequently involved with. As a result of her worshiping the Negroid, she is now dead.

Thal and one of her many black “acquaintances” Tim Gilmore, were walking in her apartment building when they were attacked. The attack was very premeditated. Four men on cell phones followed, and sealed their route for escape, trapping them. They were then shot to death. The motive was said to be robbery.

This was Rian Thal and Tim Gilmore before they were murdered.

This was Rian Thal and Tim Gilmore before they were murdered.

Plenty of motivation for the robbery was discovered in Thal’s apartment. Four kilos of cocaine and more than one hundred thousand dollars in cash were found inside her apartment.

Katoya Jones, 25, was described by police as a “casual acquaintance” of Thal’s. The two were neighbors within the complex. Jones was a negroid woman that appears to have set Thal up. She helped the assailants gain access into the building and reconnoitered the victim’s apartment. Often, the Negroid female is the eyes and ears of the Negroid male.

Katoya Jones allowed this assailant entry.

Katoya Jones allowed this assailant entry.

In most of her pictures she seems to be hanging on Negroids. The media seemed to try to keep the blacks out of the picture. NBC posted a picture that seemed bizarre to me. In the picture, whom ever she was hanging on was blacked out. I’m sure they will say it was to protect the mens’ identity, but I believe at least, it had a dual purpose.

NBC edit job.

NBC edit job.

Click here
for the story and video.


7 Responses to “You Lay Down With Dogs, You Get Fleas”

  1. Jakefree25 Says:

    Philadephia is THE NEXUS of TNB and niggerfuxation

  2. Fakefree25 Says:

    F U

  3. I used to LIVE in Philly, and I saw MY share of the ‘urban jungle”, and it sure as hell not a pretty picture!

    ALlLmy old neighborhoods have gone to hell..damn shame.
    I had lots of GOOD memories of those places…before it got “diversified”.

    Now, I only say I USED to live in Philly, BEFORE it went down the crapper…(ah, for the RIZZO YEARS).

    Maybe that city just needs to call THE ORKIN MAN?
    (I know Fort Wayne does)



    You HATE us because we’re beautiful! You HATE us because we’re strong! You HATE us because deep inside you know there is NOTHING THAT YOU CAN SAY OR DO THAT WILL BREAK US & THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Just admit it? You fear us because we’re not easily broken? So countinue to hate on the “NEGROID” as you like to call us & we will continue to strive for excellence. God have mercy on us all!

  5. niviusvir Says:

    I despise the people who make entire neighborhoods fear for their lives, creating a place where little children are shot frequently. Creating an environment where the elderly are always having their homes invaded. Creating a place where birthday parties are the scenes of bloodbaths. Creating conditions similar to trash dumps. Creating conditions where you cannot even look at them wrong, without an inner savage erupting and murder being their first response. I despise the people who rob and murder celebrities of their own race, and then claim they’re victims of hate. They are victims of hate – their own hate.

    With the chaos and violence created by the Negroid, anyone with any prudence would fear them – including the Negroid. Most intelligent people have now armed themselves by now. I have heard so many blacks talk about how they are terrified in their own cities and homes. Blacks are afraid of their own.

    I know you have your rage blinders on, so you cannot see the extremely violent conditions in which Negroids are creating, they are the ones pulling the triggers, committing the robberies, committing the rapes etc. They are lynching themselves and anybody that has the misfortune of being close to them.

  6. I am white (fyi)… This murder has nothing to do with White or Black she would have been killed no matter what her race. You obviously have a HATE for the black race which is the direct effect of your lack of intelligence in all aspects of history, religion and mankind in general. This girl was involved in the drug game otherwise there would not have been 4 kilos and over 100,000 in cash in her apt. nor would a non-tax filing woman be living in those luxury apartments and affording it. Crime is not a result of race the majority of crime is a result of your sect or class… living in a poor community, obviously being poor. If you have money you generally do not need to commit crimes like selling drugs for one instance. You can argue that a higher ratio of black live poorly than the white therefore commit more crimes but what would you expect. It takes a long time for people to rebound from being slaves to being rich. They dont have “old money” like so many whites who came from Europe generations ago… They have to fight to be accepted even if they are more intelligent than you could ever dream to be still to this day, so how do you expect such high numbers of wealthy or middle class? Like I said its not black or white its the game and where/what you come from – not what your race. My mother in law went to harvard and is literally a genius and is the most intelligent, well spoken, kind, giving, loving person I ever met in my life… She is in Nairobi right now working with orphans as a psychologist for two years for free to help mankind. She is helping build a water filtration plant there that will bring clean water to thousands of sick children who are very poor. She is black and you could never even fathom boing as great as her. You most likely came from some small town where you never interacted with any other race but your own and grew up with racist parents. You probably have no passport and have never been to any other state but the one you live in or next to and that is all you will ever be. My advise to you is to study and come out of your milk crate and realize that all humans are the same.

    • niviusvir Says:

      I don’t care if you’re white – FYI.

      Statistics prove overwhelmingly, the Negro is involved in violent crime at a far greater disproportionate rate than any other race. I’m sure you will continue to kiss their ass and make excuses for them.

      Asians were put in internment camps in WWII and yet they produce higher IQ scores than any other race. It didn’t seem to even slow their progress. They didn’t conclude, well, we were imprisoned because we were Japanese so let’s see how many people we can rape and kill.

      The entire continent of Africa is in conditions that no civilized human could imagine. Africa, according to archeology has had ample time to become civil, more than any other, and yet has fallen far short of that.

      It has everything to do with race. Why do a majority of blacks excel at world-class sprinting? Is that a result of a social construct? It’s because we are physiologically different.

      Why do dog breeders describe the temperament of German Shepherds versus that of a Pit Bull in general terms? The experts do not say, we mustn’t stereotype all Pit Bulls just because they have a greater propensity towards violence. Rather, the experts attribute a general behavior to a specific breed of dogs i.e. a Pit Bull is a more aggressive breed than a Golden Retriever. The two can breed but, their behavioral differences create quite the contrasting dichotomy.

      Jared Taylor is a graduate of Yale. He believes strongly in racial difference. James Watson, the co-discoverer of DNA made statements about the differences in racial intellectual capacities. Some very intelligent people believe strongly in racial differences.

      You are more than likely someone who has had family members, probably a sister, worship blacks, and or proliferated with them, so your conscience forces you to believe the lie that we are all the same.

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