Mo Miami

There has been more assault rifle violence in the land of darkness.

The above occurred in Miami, Monday, July 06, 2009 (this morning).

The crime in the video directly above occurred, January 24, 2009, also in Miami.

To quote the Negroid woman in this video, “That’s everyday life; we go through this everyday!” If you will not listen to “racists” regarding the Negroid and their constant violence, listen to the words of the Negroid. Look at the streets people! Open your eyes!


3 Responses to “Mo Miami”

  1. if you will not listen to us “racists”, then you will have to feel.

    People deserve what they tolerate.

  2. Jakefree25 Says:

    Racist or realist

  3. Orion13:
    Now THAT”S what I’m talking about…nicely stated!

    The negroid will rail on you for HOURS about the splinter in YOUR eye, when they can’t see the damn 2×4 IN THEIR OWN EYE…!
    And they do suffer from “selective hearing”.
    Must be all that damn LOUD boomcar crap that screwed up THEIR hearing?
    ‘Ya think?

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