Banita Jacks

The Media Wouldn’t Stop About Andrea Yates or Susan Smith. We saw ubiquitous coverage of these women. But who has heard of Banita Jacks?

The bodies of Banita’s four decomposing children were found in her home. The national media has not seemed to show the same interest in this case as they did Susan Smith. I remember blanket coverage for the Smith case.

banita_jacks(Killed 4 daughters)

Click here for her story.


2 Responses to “Banita Jacks”

  1. Three Words here:


    (‘Nuff said)

  2. “Tie her tubes” is a might late corrective remedy. The story here, the lesson to be learned, is that “the media” aka as “the jews” incessently report the infrequent and isolated White crime and sickness, and fail to report the massive onslaught and mental illness of the blacks.

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