14-Year-Old Beaten to Death, by Guess Who?

Another pack attack from more dangerous Negroids, has occurred in Maryland.

Click here for the full story, with video from ABC.

Click here for WJZ, 13, story also with video.

Christopher Jones (Maryland boy beaten to death.)


6 Responses to “14-Year-Old Beaten to Death, by Guess Who?”

  1. “never ever did we worry about out children being outside”. You got niggers now, lady. Start worrying.

    They had to put the non-whites in (what the hell where they?) to “balance out” the story.

    The Media is enemy No. 1.

  2. ArtemusGordon Says:

    Enemy #1 is NIGGERS. Never,NEVER…let your guard down around them, no matter how docile they may seem, cause just like silverbacks they can change in a second. There really is something wrong with their cognitive thinking. And people wonder why whites are turning racist. Cause some of us know the truth. Our eyes are wide open. We hate them back the same way that they hate whitey. But we’re racist and they are not. BULLSHIT !!!! Double standards. This end result is what happens when JEWS run the country, but that’s a whole nother story.

  3. Ron Smith Says:

    I’ve been in plenty of fights – in high school as an adult. I can’t even count how many fights I got into in college. But they were mostly with white people and it was always just about winning, honor or ego. However, if someone got knocked out or gave up it was usually the end of it.

    But have you seen blacks fight? Look it up on the internet. They will stomp someone’s head over and over again. They’ve got this head stomping move (which you can see on the video about the asian kid who got beaten in school) that has to be learned. They are out to kill and when they are in a group this urge to kill multiplies exponentially.

    • niviusvir Says:

      You’re exactly right Ron. Fight and get it over is our way. Their way is to slaughter. I believe for the first time some people might be awakening to their behavior. I hope so, for our sake.

      Your point about the head stomp is an accurate observation. I thought that was interesting. I have noticed it.

      I’ve spent plenty of time around the Negroid. They raise your instincts to a whole new level. If you choose to watch them, or not to watch them, I guarantee you, they are watching you.

      Thanks Ron, and everyone for your comments and interest in our race.

  4. George Wallace Says:

    Here’s the whole problem in a nutshell. This kid’s dad was a cop. A cop should be plenty familiar with the habitual criminal behavior of niggers and that info should have been passed on to his son to make him wary of being around blacks. Wary as in your life may be in danger so turn your bike around and go the other way fast. Its too late now, the kids dead. Everyone was too busy living their normal middle class lifestyle to be concerned. More sheeple to the slaughter. Whites too busy in their make believe world that the Jew has created for them. These fucking niggers used to be hung from trees, now whites are the ones beaten, raped, robbed, and murdered. When does the race war start?

  5. Antonio Says:

    Poor boy, rest in peace.

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