Terrorist Shoots Two American Recruiters

Abdul Hakim Muhammad Gunman that killed AR recruiters

Abdul Hakim Muhammad shot two army recruiters, leaving one dead. I’ve told many people the Negroid would soon become the symbiont counterpart of terrorism and Islam. Is this a preview of coming attractions?


2 Responses to “Terrorist Shoots Two American Recruiters”

  1. I hesitate to glorify him as a terrorist. He was just another nigger piece of shit doing a drive by shooting. Their weak brains are particularly corruptible by the Islamic virus.

  2. Anyone says we don’t have any DOMESTIC TERRORISTS has definitely got a few screws loose upstairs!

    They’re in damn near EVERY URBAN AREA…and are funded by the USA’s WELFARE program!
    (that would be US, the taxpaying public).

    But it’s NOT like others have been WARNING everyone else about this for the last several DECADES…is it?

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