Tennessee man sires at least, twenty-one chidrens!


Octomom couldn’t lace this Negroid’s shoes!


2 Responses to “Tennessee man sires at least, twenty-one chidrens!”

  1. ArtemusGordon Says:

    Yea , it just happened. Dont know how. Fucking ignorant niggers. And this goes on across the country. Thats what happens when you live in a socialist country. GoodBye amerika………….

  2. Artemus:
    Perhaps that should read Goodbye AMERICA, hello АМЕРИКА?

    Either way, you’re spot on!
    IGNORANT is right…and don’t forget ARROGANT and DISRESPECTFUL as well.

    Screw the “equality” BS…we’re dealing with (false) SUPERIORITY complexes w/ these animals!

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