Pharmacist and Disabled Veteran Kills Robber – Now, Faces Murder Charges


Pharmacist Jerome Ersland, had to feel terror after having to shoot Antwun Parker, who’s accomplice was pointing a gun directly at him during an attempted robbery. A child knows what a gun pointed at you could easily result in, obviously death. So Mr. Ersland, also a disabled veteran, was facing his own extinction.

Earlier, we blogged about another pharmacist that shot back, in order to defend himself and his establishment.

I believe if I was robbed at gunpoint, I too would be terrified, probably to the point of one primitive but essential thought – survival! I also believe my mind would tell me to destroy what just tried to thoughtlessly wipe my life from this Earth. Someone who’s wild and savage behavior almost cost me everything! We truly do not know exactly how we would react unless the situation presented itself.

Ersland shot Parker in the head. This initial shot was said not to have been fatal. While Parker was lying on the floor, unconscious, the pharmacist walked around to the door and then back to his counter, where he grabbed another firearm. He then located the assailant and shot him five more times.

Mr. Ersland has now been charged with first-degree murder.

Ersland had to obviously, be terrified. I find it aggravating, when a lawyer in his pretty suit, can stand before a camera and tell people how the victim should have reacted after facing the fear of losing his own life. They prattle about things like, one shot to the head, now that’s alright but multiple shots, that’s just too far. It was a fucking fight for survival! “Rationale” does not always take control immediately after having a wild robber pointing a death instrument at your head.

This man served in the military, and came home only to be terrorized by a couple of rookie savages in his own country, while trying to make an honest living. The Negroids continues their terrorism of our city streets, and once again, rather than focusing on the problem, the wild and out of control blacks, they choose to make an example.

If you rob a store at gunpoint, you deserve to be shot – to death.

Click here for more of the story, and additional videos, also if the videos below do not work.

If you are interested in the separate incident involving a Georgia pharmacist, click here.


3 Responses to “Pharmacist and Disabled Veteran Kills Robber – Now, Faces Murder Charges”

  1. ArtemusGordon Says:

    I’ll bet my left nut that them fucking niggers get together and burn that pharmacy down.

  2. latteisland Says:

    Once he had a gun pointed at him, he was in an altered state. No civilian can be expected to turn off the survival response. Most people would be in such a panic, they’d have to keep firing til they ran out of bullets. I assume the jury will understand that.

  3. Hell, the city SHOULD be pinning a damn MEDAL on this guy for practicing “Urban Renewal” or at least, commend him for providing a PUBLIC SERVICE!!!
    (shades of Joe Horn!)

    Live by the gun, you thugs…DIE by the gun.
    SO simple a cavem…well, you get the drift.


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