Elderly Can’t Even Die in Peace Around Blacks

Jay Blackwell, Atlanta Elderly Beater

Corey Butler and Jay Blackwell (Atlanta Home Invaders)

Yes, yet again, more elderly people have been savagely beaten at the hands of young Negroids. This is so typical. The assault happened in the Atlanta area.

Click here for the story with video.


2 Responses to “Elderly Can’t Even Die in Peace Around Blacks”

  1. NV:
    Seems like THESE two thugs need to have been taken to lockup via the “scenic” route…(wink wink), if you catch my drift.

    “I don’t know HOW this perp got so damn beat up…he was ONLY sitting in the back of the paddy wagon…”

    It’s like I said yesterday (my blog)…these animals have NO IDEA what BOUNDARIES are. (or OTHER PEOPLES’ RIGHTS, obviously)…just plain savages.
    And should be TREATED as such…period.


  2. ArtemusGordon Says:

    Holy Crap. Just more NIGGER bullshit. Day in, day out. Nothing changes.except the crime stats. Tired of reading about it, tired of writing (ranting) about it. Nothings going to change until a city gets blown up or whitey goes on a niggar killing spree. Either way, America is done. The NIGGER JEWS are in charge and they wont be happy until the last white man is gone. So be it.

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