Wild Beast Beats Blind Woman on Bus

Savage on Bus

We all know how dangerous it is to ride the bus with the Negro, either through the countless news stories or firsthand experience. Buses are of particular danger with them because you find yourself in a cage on wheels with them. Being caged with wild fury can be no fun. Just ask this blind woman.

Notice that he is the only black on the bus, and he just happens to be the only one pounding a blind woman’s face.

Click here for this barbaric story.

Click here for the story.


10 Responses to “Wild Beast Beats Blind Woman on Bus”

  1. Around blacks, never relax. A timeless axiom.

  2. ArtemusGordon Says:

    Holy shit….. A black Nazi. “the sick must die !”

  3. I saw that news that showed that nigger beat on that blind woman…how fucking MANLY is that?
    Oh, wait, no one ever SAID this shitskin WAS a “man”…only a INHUMAN SAVAGE.

    Have a good Memorial Day, people.
    (and niggers, stay off my lawn)


  4. niviusvir Says:

    Yes, this ape takes the damn cake, don’t he?

  5. Actually, I thought about my statement and being as how the woman was blind, there was no way to go on alert when the nigger walked in. I’m just glad some white men got up to stop it, though I was disappointed that that nigger wasn’t beaten to a bloody pulp!

  6. Johnzoil Says:

    There was a case in England when a guy asked a Boon to stop throwing chips all over the bus. The Boon then stood up, walked over and stabbed the poor guy to death. Just another day in Multi-Culti utopia.

  7. niviusvir Says:

    Damn, John! Over asking it to stop strewing chips about?!?!

  8. Patty H Says:

    After watching this video the first time, I had wished that instead of holding the monster back and praying for him, they would have beat the crap out of him. Then after watching it a few more times, I realized why they didn’t. They were all white. I wonder what would have happened if this had happened on a bus load of blacks with a white perp. I’m proud of those White Folks, they behaved like human beings, even with a mob force. This is why I’m ashamed of being black, I wish I was white.

  9. To Patty H. and all the rest of you.

    This is not a race thing! That person in this video could have just as well been a white man. In this case it just happened to be a black man. I hate the fact that any of you refer to this “bad person” as nigger or the other racial slurs that I see here. It’s a people thing.

    Patty if you are a person of color then I beg you not to be ashamed of that. There are bad people in all races and I mean every single one of them. No exceptions.

    I’m a white person and my ancestors kept black people as slaves. I am ashamed to know that, that is in the history of my race but I refuse to let that define who I am today. Yes, it was horrible just like this incident is.

    It wasn’t you or our race that did this nasty deed or the people of any race that did this nasty thing, it was a sick individual that made us all, regardless of our color cringe that one of our own, a human being, did this and did it to one of our own, again human beings, that in this case just happened to be blind and helpless to defend herself against her attacker regardless of their race.

    I would like to hear from the woman that was the victim in this vicious attack. I’m sure when she felt the blow to her face she wasn’t thinking about race. She just knew that another person or something was hitting her. I’m sure that when she heard the voice saying that “sick people must die” that she may have put two and two together and may have realized that she was being attacked not because she was white or black or any other color but because she was blind.

    This video made me physically sick when I saw this man hit this woman. The human compassing of some of them good people that took it upon themselves to come to her aid also made me tear up. To those that moved and protected their fellow human I praise you. I was saddened to see that there were still people sitting in their seats watching while the others acted. To those that just sat there I’m sure you must have been in shock but I hope that after seeing this video and how you just sat there that you have spoken to yourself in your heart to never stand and let the others do the right thing. It could be you next time and I know in that situation you would be pointing your finger at the people that just sat there asking yourself how could they just sit there and not act while I was being attacked. Food for thought. You’re not bad for freezing in your tracks. That’s one of many human reactions to dangerous situations but hopefully after seeing yourself in that state you will make better decisions in the future.

    To those of you that did act there are no words that can express how proud of you that I am. The tears that I shed when I saw this video were fist for the victim and then for the bravery of those that took action. I’m not sure which emotion was strongest, seeing the defenseless beaten of the heroes that stood up and took action at their own risk. You people that acted are hoers.

    OK, I got tired of spell checking and even writing but I hope that I made a point that all can understand and that some of you have changed your way of spitting out words of hade as a gut reaction.

    • niviusvir Says:

      It is a “race thing.” Statistics support this. Biology plays a major role in behavior. This could not “just as easily been a white man.” Statistics show that Negroes are overwhelmingly responsible for crime and violence. Look at the statistics, there is a major problem of race being linked to violence. But, we have people that pretend that race isn’t real.

      That’s why the elites are pushing so hard for interracial relationships through television, et cetera. The president is half white and half black; that’s the mixture they want. They know that genetics are important, and in order to “domesticate” certain breeds, they feel miscegenation is necessary. They love to give us (the media created, promoted and caused Obama’s election) a half black president, then tell us he’s 100% black. It’s a nice con really.. You do have the exceptions, but they’re rare.

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