Rapist’s Phone Conversation From Jail Used Against Him

Brian Tyrone Scott Baltimore rape

Kiheem Malik Taylor, 22 and Brian Scott were out for an enjoyable and relaxing day of rape and robbery. A couple of teenage girls and a teenage boy were their victims. The boy was forced into the trunk of a car at gunpoint. The girls were then raped.

While in jail, Taylor was recorded. Channel 11, of Baltimore did a wonderful job quoting this savage, verbatim. Channel 2 on the other hand, altered the quote a bit, giving it the appearance of being produced by a human capable of completing a complete sentence in English. Below is the accurate quote from channel 11.

“Brian ain’t wear no mask. Hey … did your people snitched on me, yo? … Man, if Brian would have wore a mask, we wouldn’t be in none of this.”
– Kiheem Malik Taylor in phone conversation

Below is the seemingly deceitful quote from channel 2.

“Man, if Brian wore a mask we wouldn’t be in none of this.”

These may seem like subtle differences in quotation but, the differences do tend to alter one’s perception. After listening to the professionally reported and accurate quote from channel 11, you realize just how completely brainless Taylor sounds. And then one might reflect to themselves, how many other Negroids have I heard speak that way? And after this analysis, one might then initiate the natural stereotyping process.

The same process that has guided man through thousands of years. Your intuition and stereotyping care about you far more than politically correct people.

Click here for the more accurate reporting from channel 11.


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