Rape is Overrated in Memphis

Lincoln Rape

Rape victims, many children, were said to be denied treatment from the Sexual Assault Resource Center, located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Understand, to many Negroids, rape is nothing of major concern. Their is a gray area between rape and consensual sex with many of them. Mastered by compulsion, rape is certain to be coupled with such a hethanistic race.

I believe we as different races, have innate ideals for what is appropriate behavior for society. A disproportionate amount of blacks are aware that their desire to breed overrides any “white man’s law.” They see something as barbaric as rape, with such frequency! They are untroubled and insusceptible to any feelings of desire to correct or acknowledge this wrong. This would force them to share a bit of the victim’s stress i.e. would be bothersome. Their very nature wins out over what the consensus of the other races deem appropriate for civilized human conduct.

The pressures of the “white man’s law” is the the dam that is holding complete chaos back with the black population. And that dam seems to be giving a little more every day. Their nature desires to crumble the dam of law one day. They are designed to abide by the rules and the laws of a violent and dangerous place far back into man’s past. A time that they will not allow others to forget.

The Negroid race is the race that by far, is responsible for a greater percentage of rape than any other. And now, to top it off, we hear of the very same race ignoring the victims that their heathenesse race created.

Click here for the story and video, if the player below does not work.


2 Responses to “Rape is Overrated in Memphis”

  1. ArtemusGordon Says:

    How the fuck did this nigger ever get that job. He can barely read his 20 word speech.

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