DC Teen Killed After Shooting at Cops, Mother Calls Her Son, “A Gift From God”


This young, Negroid menace opened fire on police officers, only to be justifiably shot dead by police officers. His mother praises her son by calling him, “A gift from God.”

Click here for the story of one more, mother Negroid praising a cop-shooting offspring.


2 Responses to “DC Teen Killed After Shooting at Cops, Mother Calls Her Son, “A Gift From God””

  1. ArtemusGordon Says:

    Yep, The warm weather sho is increasing the rate of violence in my area too. NOT. Niggers are violent no matter the weather or anything else. Hell, they can be multi-millionaires rap stars and these stupid apes still cant stay outa trouble. All the money in the world wont stop their ingrained retarded mentality. You can take the monkey out of afrika but not the afrika out the monkey. There is nothing left that the white race hasn’t done or tried to do to help this race of people out. There is no cure for the diseased minds of the African.

  2. Must be a “god” OTHER than the one (with a CAPITAL G) I happen to follow.
    HER god could be that head of rotting lettuce in her taxpayer-funded, rental crib “frigidator” for all we know…
    A gift?…puh-lease

    Violent savage beasts.
    Enough with this “tolerance” BS.
    Give ’em a taste of their OWN medicine.

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