More Than a Dozen Women Go Savage!


More than a dozen women savagely attack other women, Sunday night, at a nightclub in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. They were using bottles and whatever they could grab. According to the victims, police said they are way too busy with the myriad of violence in the area to pour intense focus into the matter.

Local Negroids of the area refer to Monroe St. as, “Murder Row.” Some of the people responsible for the violence in the area will remain free, as long as the locals remain silent. Police say people know who is responsible for the violence but, nobody will step forward.

Blacks hold themselves, hostage. They are detrimental to themselves and the people living around them. Most of us realize how common it is for a murder to occur in a predominately black neighborhood, and witnesses remain mute. I remember the Aysha Ring execution, in Maryland. In that case a young white lady was waiting in a checkout line, at a liquor store, when a young Negroid walked up behind her a slashed her throat, nearly decapitating her. As many as fifteen other Negroids were present during the slaughter, and yet none were quick to bare witness.

The family this attack in New Orleans affected, is not new to the role of victim. In the past twelve years, four of their male family members have been murdered! It is a site of violence infestation.

Click here for the story of the troop of women that went berserk in the New Orleans area.


One Response to “More Than a Dozen Women Go Savage!”

  1. Mythslayer Says:

    Coming to a neighborHOOD near you!

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